It’s Harvest Season at District Winery

The Harvest Moon is more than a famous Neil Young song, it also describes whatever full moon is closest to the fall equinox (generally the season when crops are harvested). Usually this occurs in September, but this year it will happen on October 5. Many use this time to celebrate the accomplishments of the year thus far and check any major goals off of your to-do list before the new year. Plus, it’s pretty gorgeous to look at!

District Winery is in full harvest season mode. The key to the perfect blend is the time of harvest, which is based on grape flavor development, skin softening and phenolic maturity, sugar accumulation, pH and TA balance, overall vine and grape cluster health and upcoming weather conditions. Each cluster is hand harvested from places like Sonoma Valley and Napa Valley, CA, Finger Lakes, NY and more, before being sent to the District Winery facilities for fermentation. All of this will result in the perfect blend, bottled in the Nation’s Capital first urban winery. Cheers!