Show Us Your O Style

So you’ve just scored the perfect DC apartment. Now you face one of the biggest challenges of small space living: decorating! While each apartment should have that personal touch, there are a few tricks every person could use when decorating smaller spaces to maximize the potential of the area. Interior designers agree on using all or one of the four elements below in every apartment:

1) Mirrors

Large leaning mirrors reflect natural light and make any room appear larger.


2) Floating Shelves

Storage space can be a major issue in some places. Ditch bulky storage bins and stash your items on floating shelves.


3) Light Colored Walls

Dark colors tend to make a space look cramped. Keep your walls in a light, soft color palette to make it look open and inviting.


4) Metallic Pops

Chrome is the new black. Metallic wall paper and backsplashes are a luxe way to break up dark walls or a monochromatic color scheme.


The residents at City Market at O have mastered the art of small space decorating. DC Modern Luxury has teamed up with the residents to showcase their top of the line décor in a design competition #ShowUsYourOStyle. Winners will be announced at a rooftop soiree this month and published in an upcoming issue of the glossy.