With a mission to evolve, nurture and maintain essential relationships with media, celebrity and complex consumer markets, we consistently position our clients with integrity, intelligence and style.

Our integrated outreach strategy has garnered broadcast, print and electronic press attention and has built a real buzz for a highly anticipated public opening that should sustain the business goals for many months to come.

TAA Public Relations has been widely recognized for its outstanding attention to detail, excellent client service and dedicated commitment:

At TAA PR, we nurture and maintain essential relationships with the print, digital and broadcast media to successfully position our clients with integrity and style.

We deliver expertly curated, strategically driven, immersive experiences that leave influencers and targeted consumers with a distinct and emotional connection to our brands.

We develop strategic digital campaigns that cut through chatter and reach the targeted audiences with authentic, relevant and concise messaging.

Whether it’s a new product launch, an official grand opening, a press party, product launch, or closed-list charity soiree, our clients count on us to deliver memorable, turn-key events.

Luxury exists in its own rarefied stratosphere. Knowing what makes this hugely influential and competitive marketplace tick requires an acute understanding of the sector. TAA PR specializes in the marketing and promotion of elite brands with intelligent, original strategies, which allow our clients to connect with high-net-worth consumers and leading media outlets.

Our experienced team provides the essential support for photo shoots, TV and film events, and expertly presented runway shows.